Thursday, October 11, 2007

Again, I have to tell you that we are dog people. So far, that is what we know. One thing that we have never understood is the naming of cats. From what we can tell, cats are to be named something that is completely humiliating and must leave the creature with not a shred of dignity. So, while sitting around the dinner table last night we came up with our list. It's like a poem, you really must read the list out loud to fully appreciate it.

  1. "Cotton Belly Huggin Face"
  2. "Bag"
  3. "Killer Cat That Kills the Mice"
  4. "Thunderpaws"
  5. "Happy Lemonade"
  6. "Lady Muffinpants"
  7. "Miss Puddin' Tops"
  8. "Mouse Catcher"
  9. "Little One"
  10. "I Love You"
  11. "Benny"
  12. "Purplehead"
  13. "Madam Mutton Bottoms"
  14. "Princess Precious Cookie Face"
  15. "Cat"
  16. "Frances McButtons"
  17. "Wonder Red"
  18. "Sally the Cat"
  19. "Mrs. Suggyface"
  20. "Duchess Tinkle Figbottom"
  21. "Drinkhead"
  22. "Thrilla"
  23. "Huggin Huggin Huggingface"
  24. "Cap'n Snuggle Britches"
  25. "Crinkle McSunshine"
  26. "Little Kitten"
  27. "Sheriff the Cat"
  28. "Cutie McSourpuss"


Mel said...

Do we get to vote? Ok, number 4 then although # 28 has a ring to it. I have bought my cat collars for nothing as we are now getting a dog on Saturday. His name is Thomas and he is a golden retriever. I will have to try love him. All that poop coming my way! Sigh!!

Jenni said...

Definitely 25. But I prefer Pywackit.

Asha said...

I am not a cat person either. Cannot stand cats. Have very little, to no love for members of the feline family. Any chance you can "foster" the cat and um, give it back once the mission is complete?

If we get to vote, then put me down for #14.

But really, what I wanted to say when I read this post was how badly it made me want to have a lot of little ones, eating dinner, coming up with crazy cat names. The giggling, the joy, the bits of food falling out of happy mouths as they blurt out funnies. I can feel it all just reading this post.

Cakes said...

Ok! I'll tell you what I tell my kids. You can vote, but do not mistake this for a democracy!

oh Asha...I wish for us all the family of our dreams.

The name's Anais. said...

My cat's name is Elliott.

Cakes said...

That's totally a dog's name.

Sally said...

My great aunt had cats called...
Tiddy-mum and Shimmy-widdles.
And yes, she used to stand at the back door and call them for their tea!

Personally, I like #18, but I might be a smidgeon biased!

Cakes said...

Shimmy-widdles! Holy Cow! I'm adding that to my list!