Monday, April 16, 2007

I love when that happens!

Yesterday, we went to Chowder's sister's house. The Meatball, Jellybean, and Porkchop all got their first taste of Bugs Bunny.
This morning's conversation...

The Meatball: Bugs Bunny is sooooo funny. What was that black duck's name again?
Chowder: Daffy Duck.
The Meatball: oh, Right. Daffy Duck. He is so funny.
(much giggling)
Chowder: You liked it, huh?
The Meatball: Yeah, it was so funny my whole body was laughing.
Chowder: Wow! That is funny!
The Meatball:Yeah. Even my hands. my hands were laughing!


Jenni said...

That Bugs Bunny! What an actor!

chris said...

you can tell them that it's daffy's birthday today! (sorry i don't know how old.)

Jenni said...

OH, I forgot to say that my second-born, as a naturally rather high-strung individual, at the age of 5 or 6, would say, after about 10 minutes of concentrated penmanship and fits of nervous giggling, that she couldn't possibly write anymore because her hand was laughing.

Somehow I knew just what she meant!

julie said...

That is soo funny. Kids are just so wonderful.

Heth said...

Does laughing hands = clapping? That is so cute.

Multi-tasking Mom said...

Very cute. And he is right, they are down-to-your-fingertips funny.