Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Charity of the Month: April

Ugh! I have so much to tell you all about! But, I need to get my April Charity up. So, tomorrow I will tell you all about my dear Granny and her Easter visit.

As a part of my Charity of the Month campaign, my April Charity is Women for Women International. It was given 5 stars by Charity Navigator and is giving me a lovely opportunity to be hands on with my dedication to supporting women and mothers around the world.

The beauty of this charity is that it is a relationship. One of the main things that has always frustrates Chowder and I when it comes to mission work and giving, is this feeling of superiority that comes with it. You, as the giver, end up on a higher ground than the receiver. It becomes a one way road that leaves both parties spiritually bereft. The donor must not assume that they cannot learn or receive something from their receiver. When both parties become givers and receivers, then the act of charity can empower us all.

So, I have signed up to be a sponsor for $27 a month. But, along with my money every month, I will also send a letter of support and encouragement. Depending on the situation of my sister, I will also get the benefit or receiving letters from her. What a great way to open my heart to women around the world! I have not been matched, yet. (It takes up to 12 weeks.) I put my first choice as Afghanistan, my second as Sudan, and my third open to greatest need. I am very excited about this journey. I will keep you posted!