Monday, March 12, 2007

a lesson in hope...

Tonight at prayer time we were reading about the Gospel lesson today. One of the reflection questions was, "What was the person hoping for when he planted the apple tree?" My kids answered with, "That it would grow big." "That it would give him lots of apples for his refrigerator."

Then the question was, "What was God hoping for when He formed us inside our mother's womb?" Porkcop said, "That I would grow." Meatball said, "That I would grow and talk." So, I asked Jellybean, "What was God hoping for when he made you in mommy's uterus?"

and she said..."He hoped that I would run in the sunshine and play with butterflies."



julie said...

tomorrow I am going to go out in the sunshine with my kids and play with the butterflies. Thanks to jellybean for the great idea!!!!!

Jenni said...

Love it! What wisdom!