Tuesday, March 13, 2007

order in the chaos...

My house of cards is crumbling around me. Any mother knows that the slightest variance in your daily routine can be the beginnings of a dangerous slip sliding into complete and utter household chaos. I have had three days in a row of variance. 70 degree sunny day variance, mind you. But a variance nonetheless. As you might imagine my lovely laundry room with all of its neat stcks of folded and ironed clothes and linens, is piled high with laundry. I haven't cooked an honest to goodness dinner in three days. Mostly due to the fact that I didn't go grocery shopping on Sunday, so my cupboards are bare. I feel sorry for Chowder. I have no idea what he will feed the children for breakfast because we are out of cereal, bread, milk, and juice. But, fathers always are quite creative and inventive when it comes to mealtimes, so I'm sure he will come up with something. You can begin to fill in the rest from these brief sketchings.

The Meatball may have inherited that funky little OCD gene that has been plaguing me. ok ok. who are we kidding? This kid is freakier than me or Skaterboy. no lie. He is a difficult animal to manuever around. but one thing is for sure. Meatball loves order. God bless him, this child born into the ADD family, loves his order.

So, this afternoon as I am taking Ladybug up to her nap I see a toy left on the steps. I knew Meatball had been playing with it and I am quite firm on the "No Toys On the Stairs" rule. As I'm about to call him up to retrieve the toy, I notice something.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Meatball's order. amidst our chaos.
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shaz said...

wow, how smart! :)

lesleysmeshly said...

Very smart!
I don't know how you do it! You are superwoman!!! Five kids, all of their laundry and your own, cooking, cleaning, church duties, homeschooling, and a 6 month in the mix! I'm doing good to just get by with my twinzies!

Sally said...

Smart kid! I like it!

Julie Q. said...

That's beautiful. Aren't kids amazing? They never cease to surprise me with their take on things. Maybe he'll be an artist someday.

I've been reading your other blog too. Thanks for making it public even though it's raw and honest. I think people need to read those kind of things as much as you need to write them. Thank you.