Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, let's just say...

My week started out with Chowder and I sitting in the family room watching TV. We hear something come tumbling down the steps. This is an hourly occurence so we don't pay it much mind. Then, Jellybean comes in. Rather meekly she says,

"I made a big noise. Did you hear it?"
"Yes, I did hear that noise. What was that?"
"ummmm. It was your camera."


more calm than I feel, "Could you go get it for me?"

Jelly bean crumbles into tears. "ok."

In the hall I hear her whisper to Meatball, "Could you go give this to Mama?" and she runs upstairs.

Meatball brings me my camera. Well, what is left of my camera. Chowder tries to stick pieces back on it, but it's done. And here I thought I was going to get to buy a Dyson with our tax refund. ah well. Chowder announces that this is where children cost more money. Replacing the things that they break. Two weeks ago we had to get a new optical drive for our iMac. not cheap. Now, the camera. At least it was an older, obsolete camera. I mean 3 megapixels?! C'mon!

but I really wanted that Dyson...
Are the Fisher Price pictures that bad?


julie said...

The fisher price is ok. Maybe you should buy a cheap new camera and still get the dyson. I got one for christmas and love it. Well, I should be honest. I have only used it twice. My 13 year old is in charge of vacumming, and he says it is AWESOME. He can get his chore done in half the time, lol.

Regarding your post below. I may have to kill you for that laundry room. It is fannnntastic!!!.


Cakes said...

Yeah, that picture of Meatball and Jellybean is from Porkchop's Fisher Price camera. Maybe I can get refurbished of both!

I need you to understand, I would defend that laundry room with my life. LOL!

IsrealiMom said...

I think we got lucky here so far. I can't think of anything too expensive that the kids manged to break so far... They mainly break their own toys lol. That said, judging by the way they slam the computer mouse on the desk, I have a feeling we're going to need a replacement soon enough ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog btw. What a lovely family you have :)

Cakes said...

ah, yes the computer...I'm beginning to see the wisdom of getting them their own!

I really enjoy your blog!

Melanie said...

Oh, NO!!!!!