Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas from the Cakes House

Sorry, I know I've been a bad blogger lately.

Things have been a bit crazy. Well, Advent for a pastor's family is always full. Plus, the other regular Christmas activities. Plus, Skaterboy has flunked himself out of high school. He is very bright and we and the teachers and school tried everything we could, but it was time for a drastic change. So, he will be staying home. He will be enrolled in the Clonlara School after a month long time of de-schooling. Cross your fingers for us, we are going to need it. I'm excited and relieved and terrified all at once. I keep telling myself that it can't end up worse than all F's. We can only go up from here. It also helps that we have a very large homeschooling community in the city we live in (estimated at 15-20%) because the public schools are so bad. Of Skaterboy's 4 close friends, 2 of them are homeschooled for high school.

Dearie is keeping me on high alert as he starts seeking another call (pastor position). Things are coming to a close at his church so we need to be ready. He is looking at positions in Omaha, San Antonio, a small town in Michigan, St. Cloud, Seattle and a couple of others. Who knows where we'll end up. I hate this part of the gig. I never feel like I really get to make my house a home because 5-7 years later (average call time) we'll be on our way. It makes me anxious. It starts to give me a stomach ache. (refer to posts on hope and faith)

So, I am staying focused on Christmas. The kids are at such a great age for enjoying the season. Love it. My favorite Christmas moment this year was Jellybean "evangelizing" to my Jewish friend when she was over for a play date. It was hysterical. Jellybean was impatiently explaining the whole Nativity story when she showed my friend Mary and Joseph. "They're married," She explained "but they're still happy."


just wait until they have kids!

Here are a couple of other pics from the last week.


KellyLynn said...

TOo Cute! i just want to eat them up! I hope skaterboy can get back on track. Its soo hard at that age. i remember thinking i KNEW it all. Geesh i STILL don't know it all, i just know better than to think i do! I am sad that you move soo much. i can't imagine how hard that is.

Cakes said...

yeah...the moving thing gets old real fast. But, it does cut down on the clutter. Everytime I go to buy something I think, "Do I like this enough to pack it and move it?" LOL!