Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Know a thing or two about conclusion

There are two pieces of information I hate giving out. I hate it because when I do, I can watch the person's face change recognizably as they judge who I am...

1.) That I am a pastor's wife.
2.) That I have a fifteen year old son.

I am by no means ashamed of either one of these things, but I hate the way they label me. they put me into a box. the comments that follow them. I am 35 years old and still I am judged for having a fifteen year old son. But folks, if we are going to deal with unplanned pregnancy (51% of all pregnancies) and if we are going to try to eliminate the need for abortions (21% of all pregnancies end in abortion, 14% in miscarriage, and 65% in birth.) than we are going to have to adjust our attitudes toward women. and toward the babies that result.

Take some time. Check out this demographic study. I'm sure the results will surprise you. They surprised me. And they will show us all how the battle we are having is so far from the point.