Saturday, November 11, 2006

I know a thing or two about

And that's when I saw it. Those familiar two little gold plated feet secured to the lapel of her jacket. Familiar because I have stared at them, full of sadness, while I've listened to the judgments handed down by the wearer, "Well, I'm glad the baby didn't have to die just because you're a slut." "An 11 yr old and newborn twins? Interesting family planning." "You're not old enough to have a 15 year old."

I feel sadness because I think to many wearers, those tiny feet will lose the passionate protection once they get bigger. I usually ask the wearer, "What do those feet mean for you? What happens after those feet are actually born?" One of these days I'm going to have my own lapel pin made. Gold plated perfect newborn feet. or maybe my 15 year old's size 9s.

You see, after you choose actually happens.

Abortion has come to the forefront of debate again in recent years and I'm always fascinated to hear the two sides going at it. All of the ugly words and horrible malice thrown back and forth. I'm fascinated because for all their hard fought battles, both sides easily forget me. The scared, lonely, loving, well-raised, Catholic, hopeful, confused girl with her hands desperately clutched to her abdomen where a tiny baby is growing.

Two sides fighting viciously over my Choice. It seems the Choice itself becomes the main focus. All that matters is the Choice itself. Then once the Choice is made, the losing side will call me a name and the winning side will say, "Good Luck!" and there I am again. Alone. Desperately clutching my abdomen. Sure there are lots of programs offered out there by various groups, many by the Catholic church. But what about the church itself? My faith community?