Wednesday, August 16, 2006

me? a blogger?

So, here we are. Everyone else is doing it, so why not me. That's just what my husband asked me the other night. Why didn't I have a blog? My reason...because everyone else does, and having always been one of the cool kids who had to ditch the Cure when they broke my heart and "Just Like Heaven" was played on the radio and every preppy girl at my college was singing it at every frat party on campus, I can't do what everyone else does.


and that seemed like a dumb reason.

So, although I doubt I will ever tell anyone that I ever became a blogger, though I have been a blogging addict for awhile now, I guess, my time has come.

I feel I must remain as anonymous as possible so as not to effect my husband's position. For identification purposes, I am Cakes, husband is Dearie, 15 yr old son is Skaterboy, 4 yr old daugher is Jellybean, 4 yr old son is Meatball, 2 yr old son is Porkchop, and the new girl is called Flea.